Thank you for voting! Your voice is critical to our community.



Effective representation requires listening and action. Constituents deserve to have access to their elected representatives, have their voices heard and their concerns addressed.


City government isn't an exclusive club. Citizens deserve to know the overall status and health of Missouri City.

Public Safety

Our community is safer than some of our neighboring cities. However, crime at any level is unacceptable. I've stood by a zero tolerance policy for crime and will continue fighting for more officers and safer neighborhoods.

Fiscal Responsibility

A city is only as strong as its finances. I'll continue fighting to ensure City Hall is responsible with our City's budget by supporting fiscally sound recommendations. I'll continue fighting and advocating for the reduction of economic waste and making critical investments in Missouri City's core services without raising property taxes.

Reinvest Missouri City

Texas Parkway deserves more. We can deliver more! I'll continue fighting for common sense incentives that will encourage reinvestment for Texas Parkway, Cartwright Rd and other major roads throughout Missouri City.

Working hard for Missouri City since 2014.